The Museum of South Texas History – 1910 Jail shut its doors in 2017 and 2018 to undergo extensive repairs and renovations but re-opened with timed tickets in January 2022. The upgrades included new flooring, repaired brick walls and windows, LED lighting, digital climate control and new interpretive displays for visitors.
From the beginning we understood that the exhibit would be bilingual, however, early in the planning phase our team proposed that we present Spanish first (always top or on the left), then English (bottom or to the right) — which is how we read. This was truly innovative and gratefully embraced by the MOSTH leadership. 
Another refreshing aspect of our concept was to create a clean, white-on-white with sepia and gold tones on the black & white photos, typography and furnishing hardware. 
Brands That Leap, Pony Allen Studios, and Museum Fabrication Group brought “The 1910 Jail” interactive exhibit to life. 

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